The Howe of the Mearns Today

Our modern day Howe o' the Mearns has changed in many ways, albeit it has taken a long time to do so! The kings with their hawks and retainers are gone, although taxes are still as irksome as they were back then. Many more acres of land have been reclaimed over the hundreds of years which have intervened, and now North Sea Oil and Gas pipelines run down the length of our valley.

Mechanisation has meant that there are less people needed now to work the land, and many residents of the Howe have found employment in oil-related industries.

The Mearns is still a wooded place which is green, fertile and breathtakingly panoramic - as is proved by the views from the Garvock and Cairn o' Mount. Gone are the warlike and troublesome savages who used to roam our hills and vales, but the Heart o' the Mearns can still be found in its people here in these closing years of the 20th Century.

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