The History of the Howe - Kincardine and Finella

The stretch of the Howe o' the Mearns lying between Fettercairn and Auchenblae, via the Clatterin, Brig, is steeped in the history of the area and cannot honestly be done justice to in this resume. It is here we find the lands of Kincardine and Strathfinella, the former being the seat of our ancient kings and the origin of our county name, Kincardineshire. Little explanation can be given as to the literal meaning of the name Kincardine, except to say that in many of the cases where it appears in other parts of Scotland it is usually sited at the end or side of a hill range where the heights and cultivated lands meet.

The story of Finella is worthy of note....She was the lady who supposedly murdered King Kenneth the Second before fleeing to St. Cyrus where, in what has since become known as the Den of Finella, she was done to death. In truth, there is a fair slice of the Mearns which owes its name to the notorious Finella. For further details of these places and events, recommended reading is "The Highways and Byways around Kincardineshire", by Archibald Watt, and "The Eastern Counties", by Nigel Tranter.

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