. The History of the Howe - The Clatterin' Brig

This little bridge and the area which we associate with the name are tucked right in at the foot of the Cairn o' Mount Road, and have long been a favourite spot with locals and tourists alike. Here the name is almost self-explanatory......Clatterin' as in rattling or noisy, Brig as in Bridge or a crossing of stepping stones. In fact it was not until the 1770s that a bridge was built over the Devilly Burn to accommodate travellers crossing the Cairn or traversing the Glen of Drum- tochty.

Although there is now only a restaurant at the Clatterin' Brig, at one time there was quite a settlement of crofts and homesteads, including a school-come-inn owned by a schoolmaster with a penchant for cockfighting, imbibing and carousing....The standard of education must have been pretty dubious.

On the lower brae of the Cairn, just above the Brig, stands Knowe Green, the ruin of another former 19th Century inn whose trade declined with the coming of the Temperance Laws.

One of the main features of the area is the ford which must be crossd to reach Glensaugh and Drumtochty Glen.

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